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For more than twenty years, we have partnered with some of the largest companies in the world, in London and throughout all of Europe. Our contribution to the international development of these companies, as well as our dedication to precision and quality, have allowed us to gain invaluable experience in many different areas.


Conventional and Certified Translations - Translations in all languages and fields
Interpreters available - Transcriptions of videos and voice-overs - Proofreading

​The translator of your document is always a native speaker of the target language and a specialist in the field of interest. At any moment, we may contact you to clarify or approve certain terms. Translation is never a one-man job, but a partnership between us and our clients. We will work step by step with you, to guarantee complete client satisfaction.

Certified translations

We also offer certified translations of diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, passports – whether it’s for lawyers, notaries, a visa appointment, etc. Certified translations are done by our certified legal translators before a Court of Appeals.

Guaranteed Quality

We rely above all on the skills and professionalism of our translation team. By assigning projects to the most competent translators in the field concerned, and by using the most efficient CAT Tools, we choose the most accurate translation possible. In addition to the accuracy of the content, we also pay attention to the form! The translation is returned as far as possible in the original format and a check validates its conformity with the original document.​

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